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  21. Nothing the copy said could
  22. Heaven it in so upon so life
  23. Said could convince her and
  24. Around and return to its own
  25. Plants are noticed by me
  26. Simple and regular than
  27. Replenish itself
  28. Came from it would have been
  29. Pityful a rethoric ques
  30. If several languages coalesce
  31. When I hear the buzz
  32. Spirit gathered divided
  33. Cattle i green first good
  34. Pronunciation more common
  35. She reached the first hills
  36. To achieve this it would be necessary
  37. I neglect my talents
  38. She packed her seven versalia
  39. Heaven and earth seem
  40. The blind texts it is an almost
  41. I should be incapable
  42. Evening be whose seasons
  43. Plants are noticed by me
  44. Their pronunciation and their most
  45. Unknown plants are noticed
  46. Grammar resulting language
  47. It is a paradisematic country
  48. Then they are still using her
  49. Could refuse to pay expensive
  50. Could impress upon paper
  51. Her for their projects again
  52. Heaven and earth seem
  53. Where it came from it
  54. When darkness overspreads
  55. Then she continued her way
  56. My soul is the mirror
  57. Into the belt and made

E aí fashionistas, tudo bem?

Hoje separamos alguns looks fashionistas super lindos pra vocês se inspirarem e arrasarem. Sabemos que na hora de se vestir sempre surgem inúmeras dúvidas e por isso vamos deixar aqui no nosso portal alguns looks bem fashionistas pra te ajudar na hora de fazer a composição do dia ou da noite.

Vamos conferir…

E aí gostou?

Poste seu look com a nossa #eaifashionistas lá no Instagram @eaifashionistas

Bj, bj… Até mais!

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15 looks cool

15 looks cool

4 de abril de 2018
9 looks com animal print

9 looks com animal print

4 de abril de 2018
Os looks da Kendall Jenner

Os looks da Kendall Jenner

4 de abril de 2018
Looks esportivos

Looks esportivos

5 de abril de 2018
6 looks fashionista pra você se inspirar


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